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EnviroProcess a part of the EnviroChemie Group

We are Water Treatment & Ozone Solutions


EnviroProcess (former Processing) with fifty years of experience is by far the biggest supplier and entrepreneur building public pool facilities in Scandinavia. In the past 15 years we also supply the industry and W&W business with knowledge-based technology for water treatment. EnviroProcess has approximately 130 dedicated team members and is one of the leading water treatment companies in Scandinavia. EnviroProcess is represented by its own companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. 

The Scandinavian head office, based in Kungsbacka hosts a new supermodern logistics center that serves all the EP companies in the Nordic region.

Since January 2019 EnviroProcess is a part of the EnviroChemie corporate structure and thereby further strengthens the position as the leading supplier in water treatment for public pools, industry, water and waste water supply and ozone solutions. In the EnviroChemie structure, we are now approx. 800 employees. 

EnviroProcess will also serve as a local Nordic platform for other companies within the SKion Water Group such as Ovivo, Eliquo Water Group and Paques among others.

Today our expertise ranges from industrial ozone and water treatment to complete public pool facilities, attractions of big water park and design of unique concept spas. This width means that the project team and the end customer is enriched with a holistic approach that few entrepreneurs in the business possess. Through our extensive collaboration with leading agencies, our customers always are assured that the most optimal combination of know-how, hands-on, performance, reliability and ease of use is achieved.