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Steel pools, whirlpools, hot- and cool tubs

A pool construction of steel, correct constructed and manufactured, is a very interesting alternative for both renovation of existing concrete pools, as well as in new production, where design, technical solutions, long life and low maintenance costs is of great importance.

We supply all types of commercial pools and create unique and exclusive spa environments.

EnviroProcess represent "the original" of steel pools, world leading Berndorf Bäderbau GmbH on the Scandinavian market

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Sauna, spa & wellness

Are you planning to create a unique sauna environment and spa experience?

Do you want to create a smaller sauna and spa area?
Or maybe, you plan to build a spa with a unique concept in larger scale?

We have only one solution for each project.
And it's the right one.


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Waterslides, attractions & spray-parks

The perfect water experience can only be created by long experience and having all the pieces of the puzzle in the box.

We create everything from the coolest ride in the water slide to the perfect enjoyment of the water massage and the creative experience in the play ´n spray park.

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Pools | Sauna, Spa & Wellness | Attractions, Waterslides & Spray´n Play

A pool facility should offer so much more than just white tiled pools. See all the benefits of steel pools from world-leading Berndorf Bäderbau, both for new construction but also as an attractive alternative for renovation. With the right lighting, unique environments are created.

Discover the joy of offering play for children and adults of all ages, from smaller attractions and massages to cool water slides and wild rapids. Through the possibility of adjusting the depth of the pool via a height-adjustable floor, conditions are created to offer more activities.

And finally, being able to offer the heat and relaxation in a well-thought-out sauna landscape, it creates value and offers something for everyone who visits the bath.

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In our product range you will find:

  • Steel pools
  • Cooling plunge pools
  • Hot tubs | Whirl pools
  • Pool safety systems
  • Pool light
  • Sauna | Spa | Wellness
  • Waterslides
  • Pool covers
  • Overflow grids
  • Secure outlet grids
  • Movable pool floor
  • Water attractions
  • ...etc.