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Ozone in Food & Beverage

Clean In Place Disinfection Systems (CIP) -  excellent disinfectant, capable of inactivating a wide variety of pathogens

Post-Harvest Disinfection – sustainable and efficient alternative for disinfection of wash water

Post-Harvest Storage – proven decline of spores generation on the surface of infected produce.

What is Ozone?

Ozone for surface disinfection Washdown solution - removes and kills microorganisms and leaves no residual or odours

Post-physical cleaning - The ozone gas can reach hard to reach surfaces and disinfect both surfaces and the air

Biofilm build-up – effective against biofilm build-up


Cost-efficient and sustainable method of eliminating micropollutants

Chemical-free way of removing up to 95 percent of emerging contaminants

Enhancing the treatment - easily combined into existing and new applications

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a natural alternative to hazardous chemical solutions. Ozone is a safe and reliable way to ensure the safety of your application and the environment. The natural oxidising agent, ozone is more than 50% more potent than conventional disinfectants. What makes ozone so efficient?

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Meet the Team

EnviroProcess Ozone Solution - We know how to make ozone work in your application. EnviroProcess Ozone Solution was created as a specialised unit to acknowledge the water challenges of the new times and address it with competence, expertise and proven ozone solutions and human touch. 

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Ozone is a robust and environmentally friendly disinfectant that is already used in many applications. However, we are still at the beginning of discovering the full potential of ozone. Let's learn and explore the possibility of ozone solutions together. The latest news from the industry, case studies and events.

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Our Solution

An efficient ozone system is a system that is adapted to your application and fit your needs. There is no fit-to-all solution, as there is no identical business practice. EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions is knowledge, competence, capacity and willingness to customize your optimal ozone solution. 

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Ozone has been continuously used in in the drinking water since 1906 for disinfection purposes. Since then, more industries rely on the outstanding oxidizing properties of ozone for one or more oxidizing functions. Ozone is proven to be effective against microorganisms, bacteria and other pathogens. Nature herself awarded us with a simple, safe and efficient treatment method - Ozone. 

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