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Designing an efficient ozone system is ensuring that all the pieces fall into place to form the optimal and effective solution that will deliver on all declared benefits.  


Ozone can be successfully applied wherever a potent oxidizing action is needed to combat pathogens, to disinfect, to remove pollutants, to increase biodegradability and much more. 

Unlike other industrial gases, Ozone can not be stored or transported as it reverts to oxygen in a short period. The advance of the ozone technology on an industrial scale became possible with the development of the ozone generator.

Simply put, ozone is generated using air or pure oxygen and energy. 

Standard ozone system consists of air or oxygen supply, ozone generator, injection system, monitoring system, safety measures and destruction of excess Ozone. 


“System layout picture.”


However, to design a working ozone solution, it requires more than just components. It takes the knowledge of overall ozone system integration, understanding of the application needs, willingness to listen and take into account particular considerations and demands and ultimately design a complete and customized ozone system. 

A complete ozone system can be designed in many ways, depending on application, circumstances and the real-world customer conditions. 

  • Skid-mounted ozone system – ideal for retrofits, space-conscious cases  
  • Container-based ozone system – ideal for hard to access plants, temporary solution. 
  • Mobile ozone system – ideal for multiple purposes cases
  • Permanent ozone installation 
  • Pilot (test) solutions to determine the correct ozone dosage or the applicability of the solution. 

Once installed, the ozone system continues to generate ozone providing the unique opportunity to discontinue the use of chemicals, eliminate the need to handle hazardous elements and use all of its oxidizing powers sustainably. 

At EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions, we take the knowledge and experience with ozone and correctly blend it into a working ozone solution to ensure a safe and efficient treatment process so you can focus on your core business. 



A complete and efficient ozone generator system must be designed following the application demands, ozone purpose and desired goal. Let us create your optimal ozone system together.