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EnviroProcess strives to maintain a transparent corporate climate and to observe a high standard of business ethics.

Anyone who suspects wrongdoing that is in breach of the law or that the disclosure of which may be in the public interest has the opportunity to speak out with protection against retaliation. The whistleblower can choose to provide the information anonymously.

What can be reported?

  • An irregularity that is in breach of the law
  • An irregularity of which the disclosure is in the publics interest.

If the report does not fall within the framework of the above, the case should be reported in accordance with EnviroProcess internal guidelines and policies.


Who can submit a report?

  • Employees
  • Trainees
  • Consultants and subcontractors
  • Shareholders who are actively involved in the company
  • Job applicants
  • Members of the companies administrative, management and supervisory board


How is the report made?

Anyone with a complaint or concern about wrongdoing in relation to EnviroProcess should primarily contact his or her manager, HR or a member of the management team.

If you want to make an anonymous report we provide a Whistleblowing service where you may submit your concern. Reports can be made in Swedish or English and are handled confidentially by HR and CEO who are appointed by EnviroProcess.    


To make a report follow the link below