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Webbinarium torsdag 3 juni. kl. 11.00 - 11.45

Var kommer ozon in?

– Vägen till mer hållbar vattenrening med modern ozonteknik.

  • Vad är ozon och vilka applikationer används det till?
  • Styrkan med ozon inom livsmedelsindustrin
  • Exempel – Minskat matsvinn hos morotsproducent

Hör ozonspecialist Jürgen Bischhaus reda ut begreppen och möjligheterna runt användandet av ozon.

Anmälan till webbinarium 3 juni


Ozone - Power of Nature

Have you ever thought about why it smells so good after a thunderstorm? Why it smells like fresh air? We happen to know. It's simply mother natures own way of cleaning the air using the power of Ozone.

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Ozone in Food & Beverage

Have you ever thought about how the berries got to you? If they where treated and handled in a thrusted way, using no chemicals? This is what we care for every single day. So that you can enjoy your dessert.

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Ozone - How it Works

Ozone is a natural alternative to hazardous chemical solutions. Ozone is a safe and reliable way to ensure the safety of your application and the environment. The natural oxidising agent, ozone is more than 50% more potent than conventional disinfectants.

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Ozone - Applications

Ozone is a robust and environmentally friendly disinfectant that is already used in many applications. However, we are still at the beginning of discovering the full potential of ozone. Let's learn and explore the possibility of ozone solutions together. The latest news from the industry, case studies and events.

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