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We get ozone working in your application.

EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions is devoted to the vision: to help advance the knowledge, expertise and implementation of sustainable and future-proof water and air solutions in harmony with the environment for the benefit of all.

Water treatment and wastewater treatment plants worldwide are facing new challenges posed by climate change, presence of antibiotics and other emerging micropollutants. It becomes more and more apparent that a sustainable solution is needed to make the plants fit to guarantee the safety and availability of water and enable water re-use.
The strive of the different industries to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, powered by stricter regulations and customer demands, creates a need to search new alternative and more sustainable treatment methods. Ozone is the only natural and potent oxidiser available and is successfully utilised in a wide variety of applications.  Historically ozone had been used in the drinking water segment to enhance the existing treatment process. However, ozone is steadily making its way into more industries, including food processing, cooling towers, odour control, aquaculture and many more.
Applying ozone in the different application in the correct way requires more than just an ozone generator. It takes the knowledge of the overall ozone system, understanding of the application and its needs, grasping the precise need for ozone and correctly designing the ozone system that will be suitable for the task. From the years of experience, we realised that there is no fit for all ozone system that can be efficiently applied to all applications.

"There are no two identical factories, and there are no two identical processes, which makes it difficult for off the shelf solution to deliver on the expected results."

At EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions, we take the knowledge and experience with ozone and correctly blend it into a working ozone solution to ensure a safe and efficient treatment process so you can focus on your core business. 
EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions is a unique set of skills that goes beyond the limits of fit-all solutions. EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions is- solid knowledge base and experience with applying ozone into industrial applications.
EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions is a passion for sustainable treatment solutions in harmony with the environment. 
EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions merges the safety and robustness of a large organisation EnviroChemi with the agility and innovative approach of a lighter unit. 
We believe in solutions that are built to last with future requirements in mind. We know how to make ozone work. 
The team is built on the fundamental notion of trust and transparency, personal drive, and that extra step to achieve the best results. 



Bring us your challenge.

A complete and efficient ozone generator system must be designed following the application demands, ozone purpose and desired goal.

Let us create your optimal ozone system together.

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EnviroProcess Ozone Solution is

  • Evaluation of the application demand
  • Conceptual system design
  • Selection of suitable ozone equipment
  • Desing and manufacturing of the ozone system
  • Installation and implementation of the solution