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Ozone is an effective method with a positive environmental footprint, for this and many more reasons ozone is chosen as an antimicrobial agent for the food and beverage industry. 

Ozonated water can be used to disinfect equipment and surfaces, while in gaseous form ozone can aid in sanitizing spaces, packaging material and help to preserve food in the storages. Ozone is used as an antimicrobial agent in fresh produce, meat and poultry, as well as an efficient fumigant to minimize the infestations of the insects in stored grains and other agrarian products. Ozone is increasingly replacing traditional disinfection and sanitation methods like chlorine, hot water or steam. Since ozone is the most cost-effective, efficient and chemical-free way of safeguarding food safety, its usage is advancing within the industry. 

Applications of Ozone in the Food and Beverage industry

Food must be safe to consume. It is a given, and there cannot be any compromises. Yet, according to EFSA (European food safety authority), more than 5000 foodborne outbreaks are reported in the EU members states only, per year. Therefore, the subject of keeping our food safe is relevant now more than ever. Keeping the food supply safe and reputation and operations of the producers intact are where ozone can play a crucial role. Ozone is the most potent natural sanitizing and disinfection method, capable of eliminating up to 99% of microorganisms, pesticides, pathogens. Any contaminants that can be removed by the oxidation process will be altered with ozone. 

Ozone systems are successfully integrated in:

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Dried Foods
  • Liquid foods 
  • Spices 

Ozone treatment guarantees the retention of nutritional, sensory and physicochemical features of the produce. Due to the unstable nature of the gas, ozone returns to oxygen; consequently, no residues are left on the food. Ozone prolongs shelf life for produce, eliminates air-borne microbes, and controls odour. Ozone is safe, potent disinfectant and is used to control organism growth in the equipment used in food processing. Ozone eliminates the microorganisms through the oxidation process; thus, no resistance can be built towards ozone. 

  • The multifunctionality of the ozone makes it a very efficient solution for the food processing industry 
  • Ozone is very effective against microorganisms on meat and grains, vegetables, fruits, and berries 
  • Ozone treatment guarantees the retention of nutritional, sensory and physicochemical features of the produce 
  • Due to the unstable nature of the gas, ozone returns to oxygen - no residues are left on the food. 




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System design and treatment conditions must be outlined and explicitly determined for each application. Contact our food industry specialist and move towards a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

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Why ozone solution for food and beverage

Using an ozone-based solution as an alternative to your traditional treatment procedures will guarantee the security of your product, strengthen the quality of your offer and open up new market opportunities.

  • High antimicrobial efficacy 
  • No chemical residue threat
  • Lower running cost