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  • Ozone is produced in-situ - no storage of dangerous chemicals required
  • Very effective agaist biofilm and Legionella.
  • Very low corrosion of the system

The use of ozone in the cooling tower as treatment is a safe and proven technology in the battle and control of legionnaires disease (legionella).
Using ozone as a maintenance treatment in your cooling towers application will provide savings and facilitate the maintenance process.

Ozone, acting as a strong biocide enables you to treat the water without the need to remove the water to reduce the organic load and solids in the system. The elimination of the bacterial counts leads to the reduction of the biofilm formation on heat exchanger, allowing for a better operation of the cooling tower system.

The specific characteristics of the natural disinfectant make sure that ozone gets the job done where other biocides fail.
There are many benefits of using ozone for this application. Correctly designed ozone system will enable you to have control over the challenges associated with traditional chemical treatment. Using ozone in your cooling tower will prevent the biological growth and related system failures due to scaling and corrosion. As ozone is produced on-site and injected in the system, the need for storage and handling of the hazardous chemicals is no longer there. A fully automated system provides control of the dosages and eliminates the care for the correct chemical mixtures. Overall by using ozone, you keep your operation safe and efficient while caring for the environment and reducing chemical usage.

Our solution is a mounted skid system, tailor-made for your specific requirements.


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System design and treatment conditions must be outlined and determined specifically for each application.
Contact our ozone specialist to outline the ozone solution to achieve the correct quality of your cooling water.

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Advantages of ozone for cooling tower application

  • Ozone is produced on-site and requires no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • Ozone requires no additional disinfectants
  • Micro-organism cannot get resistant to ozone
  • Very effective in removing biofilms