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Microorganisms can cause severe problems in a various number of applications and places. Ozone is a powerful and efficient natural disinfectant that can be used to kill bacteria and viruses.

Odour control 

Odour surrounding industrial plants be it food processing, fish farm or waste treatment plant is an increasing concern for the society. 

While odours might not present a health risk, it is undoubtedly a cause for complaints and in some cases, financial fines for the companies. 

Some Odorous compounds such as H2S (hydrogen sulphide), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are very typical to a variety of industries and can be the result of bacteriological decay of organic matter. That is a very distinct smell that surrounds wastewater treatment plants, waste disposal areas, food processing plants.

Odour control solutions are becoming a must-have for several industries. 

Ozone is an efficient industrial air purifying method. Ozone is a potent oxidizing agent, meaning that its potential to break down molecular structures is very high. The origin of odours is typically from organic compounds which are broken down with ozone. 

Among other areas, ozone is used in 

  • Treatment of exhaust air form waste disposals
  • Grease and odour control in ducted systems 
  • Wastewater plants 
  • Biogas production 
  • Fish farms 
  • Pet food production 
  • And many more… 

Air Disinfection 

Ozone is an effective alternative sanitizing method in reducing the microbial pollution of both water and air. Ozone will efficiently disinfect vast air volumes, deactivate viruses and microorganism and it leaves no harmful residues afterwards as it returns to oxygen. Using ozone as your air treatment solution gives you a possibility to reach hard to disinfect surfaces and areas. 

Correctly designed ozone system can achieve a very efficient treatment for bacterial spores, being able to determine and adjust such parameters like exposure time and ozone dosage, the ozone solution can achieve a higher than 4 log bacterial reduction. 

In food applications, the migration of microorganism inside the plant speeds up melding. However, with gentle ozone treatment, the moulding process is easily postponed for several days without damaging the produce.

In the dairy industry equipment has been sanitized using ozone which performs well and eliminates the need for chemical disinfectants. Ozone treatment enables shorter cleaning time and no usage of heat generated cleaning alternatives. 

The characteristic of ozone makes it extremely useful to control the grease build-up, i.e. in exhaust systems in restaurants and food production. It is a proven method to facilitate cleaning, prevent fire hazards and as a bonus, eliminate the odour.



Bring us your air or odour challenge. 

System design and treatment conditions must be outlined and explicitly determined for each application.

Contact our ozone specialist to outline an ozone solution and start to enjoy the benefits of ozone.

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Why ozone for air disinfection and odour control?

Many technologies that are used today do not neutralise the microorganisms but only deactivates them. Ozone is a powerful and efficient natural disinfectant that will keep you air viruses and odour free.  

Ozone can efficiently:

  • Disinfect large air volumes
  • Neutralise microorganisms & viruses
  • Produced in-situ, no storage of chemical required