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Jürgen Bischhaus

Ozone Application Specialist – Sales Director
Speaks: German, Swedish, English
Phone +46 722 043 277




Contact Camilla

Camilla Khrulova

Ozone Application Specialist – Sales & Marketing
Speaks: Russian, English, Spanish
Phone +46 722 043 316

We can help you.

System design and treatment conditions must be outlined and determined specifically for each application. 

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We know how to get ozone to work for your benefit!

  • Evaluation of the application need
  • Conceptual system design
  • Selection of suitable ozone generator
  • Desing and manufacturing of the ozone system
  • Installation and implementation of the solution

EnviroProcess Ozone solutions is a unique team of professionals that are driven by the company vision and personal fulfilment of actively making our world a better place. 

The exceptional professional skill sets and extraordinary personalities of our team members is yet another guarantee from us that your application is in great hands. 

EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions was founded as a specialized unit within EnviroChemie Group to acknowledge the water challenges of the new times and address these with competence, knowledge, proven solutions and human touch. 

Working with ozone solutions requires more than equipment, ozone experience and system design. Without a doubt, these skills are essential; that is why all our ozone specialists have ozone experience as a common ground. However, what we have seen form the past experience is that to design and implement efficient and robust ozone solution it requires knowledge and understanding of the application demands and a new willingness and curiosity to tailor the solution towards specific applications. To confront the challenges of the future, we must think in future terms, assuring that the supply and availability of clean air and water are always accessible for all. 

The team members come from different industrial backgrounds and have ozone experience as a common platform. At EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions, we understand and respect your application and we know how to implement your ozone solution in a safe and efficient way.

EnviroProcess Ozone Solutions is built on respect, honour,
knowledge and some humour which you will experience once you start working with us! 

We invite you to accompany us on our journey of making the technology advance while caring for the environment.

System design and treatment conditions must be outlined and determined specifically for each application.
Contact our ozone specialist to outline the ozone solution for your application